Does driving a Mercedes-Benz make you a better golfer?

From an initial field of 5,000 participants, 56 of the 96 golfers who made it to the Finals were owners of Mercedes-Benz. The significance of this remarkable fact in an emerging market such as Vietnam is directly attributable to the design of the MercedesTrophy. To top it off the grand finale was held at the Greg Norman designed championship course off the coast of Danang that nestles along what Forbes magazine has voted as one of the most luxurious beaches in the world.

The seven best golfers advanced to the Asian Final in Australia’s gold coast while five won trips to the UK to watch the prestigious major “The Open.” The best player made it all the way to World Finals in Stuttgart Germany. With such prizes on the table, it is no small wonder golfers from all walks of life drive the brand with the three-pointed star knowing fully well the company’s recognition of its customers who share a passion for the game.

Worth Noting: Within minutes of  the noon shotgun start, a Hole in One Mercedes GLK car worth $80,000, was won by a  teenage female golfer who aced the 127 yardage 16th hole. A Guinness world record claim was filed but as it turned out the record belonged to a 5 years 103 days old girl who aced the 7th hole Manhattan Woods Golf Club in the United States. The chances of an average golfer winning a hole in one are 1 in 12,500.

What is the Mercedes Trophy? It is the world’s largest corporate tournament with over 60,000 golfers competing in 60 countries each year in a series of independent invitational tournaments that recognizes golfers who are also owners of Mercedes-Benz cars. Winners are awarded trips to Australia, the UK and Germany with all expenses paid business class. Partners in Vietnam are exclusive to Glenmorangie, and Techcombank .

So does owning a Mercedes-benz make you a better golfer?

 This is more than  a tag line but there has been no study that either supports or denies this claim. One thing is for sure, if you own and Mercedes and play golf you are guaranteed the best chances to win prizes that money can’t buy. The MercedesTrophy series is a unique experience that is unrivaled in corporate golf including 30 thrilling chances to ace a Hole in One. Across the globe, 60,000 golfers are invited to the MercedesTrophy each year. Are you one of them ? 

Mercedes-Benz is committed to the sport of golf on a worldwide scale unsurpassed by any sponsor in recent history of the game. In 2014 the MercedesTrophy enters into its 25th anniversary. Mercedes-Benz is the “Official Vehicle of The PGA of America.

Mercedes-Benz is also the  official vehicle and partner of the world’s three most renown majors: the Masters in Augusta, the Open Championship in the United Kingdom and the PGA Championship as well as a patron of the Ryder Cup. Adam Scott (below), ranked one of the world’s top players is the Mercedes international golf ambassador.


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